The goal of the trip was to run 2 marathons on 2 continents to finish my second accomplishment of running  marathons on all seven continents.The first race started on Monday in Chile when we were assured by our race director that the second race would not be run at until Wednesday. At mile 18, we were picked up by a taxi and told to go back to hotel to pick up our gear for Antartica. The weather had broken and there was an opportunity to fly out that afternoon. We made it there by 8 pm had some dinner and into our tents.We were awoken at 4 to start the race by 5. Difficult condiions but certainly not your average race. Flew back to Chile that night and had 2 days before completing marathon in Chile. Mission accomplished.Almost 3 marathons on 2 continets in 5 days! Last day spent in a beautiful national park about 5 hours north of us.

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