DPRK (Pyongyang)

Once in a lifetime experience. Arrived late and with no dinner and very little sleep (need as many excuses as I get older), ran the marathon but with a 4 hour time limit, was not able to complete in required time so I was picked up by the North Korean police with 4 miles to go. I obviously did not argue with them. After the race, we were taken to a water park where we spent the afternoon. I found myself in the shower with over 100 North Korean teenagers. Quite an interesting experience.The next day was spent touring the capital. Our tour lasted 11 hours and even spent about 20 minutes on the USS Pueblo (for people old enough to remember the Pueblo story). We went to a museum which houses military equipment captued during war time. We were also able to ride to the subway system which is very crowded but especially clean. We left the next morning back to Beijing.