After some very anxious moments with my luggage (36 hours late to Delhi), we started our trip to Bhutan. I have been blessed to be able to go to the Himamlayan mountains 3 of the last 4 years. It is where I can clear my head and not be connected to technology. The first couple of days were spent acclimating to the altitude. We flew into Paro which is about 7,000’ above sea level. We toured and even ran a preliminary 10k race which was very tough. I found out later that the 10k was actually the beginning of the marathon later the following week. We then started our trek which comprised of 4 days of treking and sleeping at altitudes of up to 14,250’. I even had a private blessing with a person who claims to have been reincarnated from the founder of Bhutan in the 8th century. We spent a day in Thimphu which is the capital and largest city in Bhutan (108,000 population). After a trip back to Paro, we awoke to a very rainy day for the marathon which made it that much more difficult because of the terrain of the race. It certainly was not your usual everday marathon. Running through streams and rice paddies made for a very long day. On top of everything else, I got lost in the marathon and ended up runnning over 27 miles.

Bhutan is quite different than either India or Nepal. One must pay a $250/day tarrif to enter the country. It is because of that the the country does not have as many tourists which results in a much cleaner country.

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