Nepal/Mt. Everest

I had decided to go back to Haiti but this time wanted to go on a non-faith based trip. I sat down one morning and started “googling” Haiti volunteer work. I came across a volunteer organization based out of New Zealand that offered a two week volunteer program. I started to sign up for the program when my eye caught a link on their website for treks. I clicked on the link and I saw a trek being offered to climb to base camp at Mt. Everest. I figured, why not? I felt it should be no problem as my running all these years should get me to base camp with little problems. It turned out to be one of the most strenuous activities I had ever undertaken. We were asked to raise money for 2 orphanages and we spent the last day of our trip visiting the orphanages and meeting with the kids we raised the money for. It was very interesting as the 2 orphanages were completely different. Yet again, it made me take a look on how fortunate I and blessed I really am. We ended up raising more than $55,000 after expenses.

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