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       This Picture was taken at the Geographic North Pole on April 8, 2012.


It all started as a dream that I shared with my son, Gregg, who passed away in 2008. We would speak about my desire to run a race in the Antarctic. When he passed way, the furthest thing from my mind was running that race. Getting through a day was tough enough and it took almost 1 ½ years before my thought process changed. When the earthquake in Haiti demolished the country, I decided to go there and volunteer and it changed my life. I realized that my son would want me to continue in his memory and I decided to fulfill the dream of racing at the Antarctic. Before doing the 2010 race, it never even crossed my mind of becoming a member of the “Grand Slam" running club (marathon runners who have completed marathons on all 7 continents plus the geographic North Pole) but became intrigued with the idea after spending a week with all the runners in Antartica. After the race, my OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) kicked in and I completed marathons in Asia, Africa, South America, the North Pole, and Australia. I became the 66th person in the world to accomplish this feat.

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